The political witch hunt against Liberal MP Craig Kelly has revealed something we have long suspected about the press – they consider themselves an authority on ‘truth’.

Crikey journalist Bernard Keane tweeted, ‘Craig Kelly has done three Facebook posts today promoting COVID quackery. Blatant defiance of Morrison. Presumably won’t get any coverage because Morrison has “already dealt with that issue” etc.’

To which political editor Samantha Maiden replied, ‘We reported this on Friday and PM got asked about it at presser. I also mentioned it on Insiders this morning. So I get your point but it is being reported.’

I am sure Maiden means ‘we reported on it’ not ‘reported it’ – unless the press have undergone their final evolution into the Thought Police.

The sudden, intense media frenzy surrounding Kelly is little more than your typical orchestrated political assassination attempt. Various factions decide that they want a strong politician gone and, if that MPs record is otherwise spotless and they cannot be coerced by a golden handshake, a hit media hit job is set in motion.

This involves such pathetically transparent games as the staged corridor meeting between Kelly and Labor MP Tanya Plibersek – who put her hand on his arm to lecture him about ‘following the science’ of the Covid pandemic. We can only assume that she forgot about social distancing and mandatory mask wearing.

Plibersek is one of the many MPs who decry Kelly as a ‘spreader of conspiracy’ and ‘dangerous’ despite being unable to recall the studies being demonised. We are left to wonder if the outraged Plibersek has bothered to read what she considers to be heresy.

The press, if they were still identifying as a news service, would have questioned the legitimacy of Plibersek’s ‘conspiracy theory’ claims by asking her to cite the particular detail that she considered ‘conspiracy’. If the press had done that, they would have been forced to admit that not only are there peer reviewed studies supporting Kelly’s position, but countries whose governments who were convinced to enact the medical recommendations.

…but those are not ‘truths’ that the press want to hear.

When facts come Plibersek’s way, she puts her head in her hands and moans, as if the thought of facing up to a counter-argument is too much for a politician to bear. These are not the politicians of old, who took the running of the country as a serious responsibility – they are slaves to slogans, hashtags, and pre-ordained global movements worth a fortune to the elite.

If this discussion was about health, then Plibersek and others would sit themselves down and keenly read the studies of promising cheap treatments available. Any glimmer of hope in a pandemic being sold by the press as the apocalypse should have been read and re-read by the people we pay to run our country, especially considering the outrageous imposition that politicians are placing on the working families of this nation while MPs like Plibersek never skip a pay-cheque.

The witch hunt of Craig Kelly has never been about health. It is about removing an MP who puts the effort in to read extensive studies. He is an MP looking out for the best interests of Australians – not wealthy benefactors. Kelly is a danger to the Wet Liberals, Labor, and the Press on two major issues that everyone wants to take to the next election; climate change and Covid.

The ruthless campaign has only one purpose; win the next election and pass legislation that benefits big business and international bureaucracies. It is not about you, it is about them. These entities vote by proxy in your elections by removing MPs that stand for the ordinary Australian. They do not care if they get Wet Liberals or Labor.

If this cohort manage to get rid of Craig Kelly, they will start on the next voice, and then the next, and the next – in politics, media, and private enterprise, until they have censored the debate and fortified their political power.

After all, these ideas that are being sold to the electorate are so fragile that they have to be ruthlessly protected by silencing anyone who questions them.

By ellymelly – If you enjoy my work, consider shouting me a coffee over on Ko-Fi



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