Where is the #March4Justice against Bill Shorten?

Forgive my confusion, but I have spent all of yesterday listening to a group of angry Greens voters storm through the city shouting, Believe all women!’ while trampling over Kathy Sherriff.

When the professional protesters of the left say, ‘believe all women’ what they really mean is ‘believe all women who are politically useful’.

The mantra that ‘women never lie’ is obviously ridiculous. Women lie all the time. So do men. It’s a ‘human’ thing that is so prevalent within civilisation that it necessitated the creation of an independent justice system to sort out the bickering matrix of fiction.

Social Justice is the absence of justice, where rumours are crafted into weapons. Well armed, this mob comes out to demand public vengeance when accusations lack the weight required to enter a court. Of course, when one of their own members finds themselves on the pointy end of an accusation, they immediately fall back onto ‘the letter of the law’ – seeking protection behind the system they seek to destroy.

The justice system itself has fallen victim to generations of activist judges profiting from deliberately subverting the law. For evidence of this, look to the hundreds of lawyers wasting public money to bring in criminals from other countries whose applications were rejected by a democratically elected government. This is not in service of the protection of the people. The predatory behaviour has left Australia with a highly politicised legal system and a raging ‘social justice’ mob that ensures that lives can be destroyed on nothing more than a whisper.

A sensible person might wonder why a civilised society would throw their previously excellent legal system in the shredder in favour of medieval pitch forks and witch trials. The answer is simple; political power. Collectivist revolutions over the last few hundred years have deliberately resurrected the art of civil unrest in the hope that confused public anger can be harnessed to overthrow government.

Consistency is irrelevant to this kind of mob. They are not seeking tangible solutions to problems within society – which is why their demands are either unreasonable or contradictory.

The #March4Justice pretends to be outraged about the treatment of women in politics. Why then do supporters of Labor and the Greens spend their time online sending violent sexual threats and demeaning anonymous messages to conservative women with whom they disagree with politically? Why do their feminist action groups tear down any woman who succeeds from outside their collective posse?

The left routinely make women feel unsafe online, using verbal intimidation to coerce the politics of strangers. Labor’s ranks are full of MPs who have been arrested for sexual crimes, particularly paedophilia in which they are the only political party to have members serving jail time for the abuse of children – all of which makes their pretence as the ‘virtuous alternative’ laughable.

Those who organised the march claim that it has nothing to do with politics – that this is a bi-partisan issue. They are correct that women are treated like crap by both sides of politics, but they are wrong about the motivations for the march.

Yesterday’s #March4Jutice was about destroying the Liberal Party via Christian Porter. Like Bill Shorten, both men were accused of historic sexual crimes, but unlike Shorten, Porter’s accuser dropped the complaint herself and did not wish to pursue it before she tragically ended her own life. Instead, the accusation was picked up by Porter’s political rivals and dragged through the press purely to remove a senior member of a government already running short on seats. When the police confirmed that there was no case to answer, the left’s professional activists decided to hound the issue by putting it front and centre of the march.

When asked why they did not given Bill Shorten the same treatment, the answer is universal. “Oh, that’s different. The police investigated.”

In reality, it is exactly the same. The law in both instances dismissed the cases, while the two accusers maintained the validity of their claims. There is an active conflict over what happened. If Porter is to be the subject of a moral witch hunt, Shorten should be right beside him on the pyre. Anything else betrays the political nature of this theatrical production.

The figurehead of the Monday’s rally was Brittany Higgins, the woman who accused a colleague of sexually assaulting her at Parliament House in a Linda Reynold’s office after a night of heavy drinking.

If this rally is really about changing the culture of Canberra, I have one obvious question that no one has bothered asking: why the hell were two drunk employees – one who did not have her security pass at the time – signed into the most important public building in the land by security staff and escorted to the Minister of Defence’s office?

They obviously were not in the building for work purposes, and if they were attempting to work whilst hammered, they should have been turned away.

It must be common for drunk staffers to show up at all hours for these two to get themselves into the building. Do Labor and Liberal politicians want to talk about how this sort of thing can happen? What kind of lax security surrounds the heart of government?

This behaviour simply isn’t tolerated in the wider community. If any of our retail staff had rocked up to head office in the middle of the night, blind drunk and signed themselves into the CEO’s office, they would have been packing their things the next morning for displaying a complete lack of work ethic. Like Hollywood, politicians act badly and then try to blame the wider community for their standards.

“It was initially treated as a breach of the Statement of Standards for Ministerial Staff,” said the official statement.

No kidding. A breach for which Higgins and her accused should have been sacked immediately over. Any criminal activity that occurred could have been followed up directly after with the police, no doubt with the full support of Parliament House.

Instead, Higgins was moved to the office of Senator Michaelia Cash, before resigning two years later. As far as the official actions of the government go, every attempt was made to assist Higgins, who chose not to pursue the accusation with police of her own accord. There is no evidence to lend weight to Labor or the press’s claims that her job was endangered by her accusation against a staffer. To the contrary, she was promoted.

The anonymous fringe trolling group Mad Fucking Witches complained online that instead of encouraging women to report sexual assaults to police as quickly as possible, society should just ‘tell men not to rape’ – which makes about as much sense as the Black Lives Matter radicals claiming that social workers rather than police will rid the streets of violent criminals.

While this march goes on in the centre of Sydney, Aboriginal women are twelve times more likely to fall victim to violent sexual assault perpetrated by their own family members. The same activists who are outraged at the #March4Justice turn around and argue that it is racist for courts to jail indigenous offenders who beat and abuse women.

Black lives – like women’s lives – only matter when they can be used as a political slogan by the left.

Article by ellymelly – If you enjoy my work, consider shouting me a coffee.

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