I am going to say here what saw me suspended from Twitter for seven days.

‘How many people have to die from Myocarditis before they admit these #Covid19 vaccines were dangerous and insufficiently tested?’

I repeat my criticism because it is true, widely acknowledged by global health authorities, and the unnecessary cause of severe harm and death in young people who had very little risk of falling prey to Covid.

As pharmaceutical companies are forced to reveal the clinical trial documents they fought to hide for 75 years, it has become apparent that, at the very least, our governments have shielded Big Pharma from criticism and investigation.

Fortunes have been made from Covid vaccines that are, in large part, mandated by governments and corporations in order for citizens to partake in society. Anything that is mandated must come with added scrutiny and transparency. Instead, corporate interests and government officials have used Silicon Valley’s social media giants to control the flow of information and silence anyone – whether they be ordinary citizens, journalists, or medical professionals – from criticising the safety profile of Covid vaccines.

With good reason.

Covid vaccines, particularly those based on the previously untried mRNA technology, have the worst safety profiles of any modern vaccines. Quite simply, they should never have made it through the testing phase.

For those who have comfortably taken a range of vaccines growing up without complaint, it is important to recognise the rigour and scrutiny that they endured before making it into your arm. Covid vaccines are not comparable to childhood vaccines – either in safety or efficacy. Were it not for a global panic and frenzy to find a way out of the political trap world leaders created for themselves, these vaccines would not meet the basic criteria required for market.

Plenty of vaccines which caused mild side effects in the past – or were suspected to have caused harm – were unceremoniously pulled from shelves with fury and admonishment by health authorities. These are the same authorities that, having endorsed Covid vaccines, now promote ‘co-incidence’ as the leading side effect and blame climate change for a rise in heart attacks and blood clots. This is an indication of a desperate industry, grasping at apocalyptic rhetoric to salvage their reputation.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Covid vaccines kill people. They kill young, healthy individuals who had a near-zero risk from the virus the vaccine was trying to protect against. If any other business had a pile of bodies on the shop floor, their CEOs would be serving life sentences for murder. While it is true that these vaccines have a measurable impact on lowering the severity of Covid infections, it is also true that they come with a whole range of (in many cases permanent) side effects that can cause just as much harm as the virus. Worse still, the risk calculation varies considerably between an individual over 90 and a young, fit, and healthy adult – yet they are both subject to the same vaccine mandates with no real opportunity to make an informed personal choice.

Taking a Covid vaccine is sold as a neutral proposition. It is not. It is a risk calculation and thus should never have been the subject of coercion, mandates, bullying, political thuggery, emotional blackmail, or financial ruin. Viruses are considered to be a natural risk for which politicians are not responsible, but a mandated vaccine with lethal potential is a direct intervention – a medical Russian Roulette which politicians are actively responsible for.

As for transparency, the Australia National Cabinet set up by Prime Minister Scott Morrison to discuss the Covid pandemic, refuses to allow Australian citizens to see any of the advice that led to some of the world’s harshest Covid restrictions. When the Federal Court ruled that National Cabinet was not a real Cabinet and therefore open to Freedom of Information requests, the Prime Minister rushed through legislation to protect the Covid secrets of himself and state premiers.

Naturally, as both sides of parliament were voting to protect themselves, the legislation was passed unanimously.

The same people who ask us every day to ‘trust the science’ around Covid health orders have fought relentlessly to keep that science secret. We are not, as citizens, permitted to hear the conversations that went into the suspension of our civil rights, nor can we read and judge for ourselves the validity of the scientific submissions upon which those discussions took place.

No doubt politicians are terrified that the open forum will tear their ‘science’ to shreds and dismantle their power at the next federal election.

This is not ‘science’. It is dogma. Worse, it is politically driven dogma funded by corporate interests that have spent the duration of the pandemic raking in fortunes on the back of public risk.

As for Twitter, censorship is a tool designed to suppress information. Hiding information usually has the opposite effect. As soon as people saw that my Tweet had been flagged, they began to ‘Quote’ it (something you have to do because Twitter prevents reblogging or commenting). When obvious declarations of truth are flagged as misleading, it is the platform that looks misleading, not the Tweet.

Heavy-handed censorship is only employed to combat financially damaging truths – that is why Twitter never bothers to tag flat-earth content, or chem trails, spaceships in Antarctica, Loch Ness Monsters, or other fictional content.

Despite claims to the contrary, social media is not a ‘bastion of truth and facts’ – it is a platform for the noise of civilisation.

The only time it concerns itself with ‘truthful’ content is when powerful people and friends of its corporate structure ask it to meddle in the market of ideas.

Instead of protecting democracy from this Behemoth, our politicians encourage social media censorship – so long as they can use it for their political advantage. We keep being told by our leaders that we must act ‘in the greater good’ for Covid vaccines, and yet they have never once acted ‘in the greater good’ for the survival of democracy.

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