We must never become echoes of each other…

Indoctrination enforces unity by crafting a cage of whispers. History has practised this art and found coercion to be censorship’s silk glove – allowing it to touch every part of our lives without leaving fingerprints. Confined to this intangible prison, liberty curls up to die. In time, what is left unsaid becomes unthought until we guard our contrary opinions on behalf of powerful people. That is how social politics works. It is a slow burn that starts with language and ends in unyielding ink.

By ‘powerful people’ I mean those who treat democracy as a formality. Any politician who disregards the ballot box for the sake of ‘what’s best’ is an authoritarian in waiting. This elite moral veneer are often fans of collectivism, better known as the practice of subduing individuals into voting clumps that fit nicely on a spreadsheet. Marxist university lecturers may applaud this as a modern education, but obediently reciting dogma puts civilisation at risk of obliging dangerous ideas. It is a game we have seen up-scaled by an organisation that subverts the sovereignty of nations by selling its membership like overpriced hotel rooms.

I speak of the United Nations, which has completed its transformation into a gilded palace of closed doors, whose members are loosely connected by matching key-cards and a place at the breakfast buffet. Indiscretions are erased with a generous tip and like the sanctuaries of the Middle Ages, even the genocidal can take their drinks at the bar beside terrified victims. Based on Secretary General Guterres’ panicked bleating, this monstrosity faces imminent death via spiralling credit card debt. On the off chance that it survives, we might consider weighing its soul while we have it on the scaffold.

Uniting the world’s nations was always an aspiration rather than a reality. By polishing off Immanuel Kant’s ‘Perpetual Peace’, the underpinning philosophy manages to shine in the marketing print, but in the real world it remains as dead as a display of bones at the Smithsonian. I find it eerie watching the United Nations stalk through these exhibits of failed politics, threatening to elaborate on the mistakes of its predecessor, The League of Nations, which is occupying a nearby glass box.

The problem sits with their shared backbone. There is an untruth wandering around that humanity is in possession of absolutes. Coherent moral purity is a luvvie idealism elevated so far above subliminal culture that it threatens global security. If you pick off the fiction, humans have only one thing in common and that is their desire to disagree. Neither people nor the nations they construct are capable of maintaining unified ideas. Religion, philosophy and politics all attempt to round off our edges but irreconcilable difference remains the principal reason the world divides itself into countries and then extends limbs out into like-minded alliances. The world is at its best when we remain diverse and allow a combination of commerce and power to hold steady the ground that gapes between.

Anyone who attempts to unify this collection of opposed forces will finish with either a victor presiding over violence – or shattered pieces of civilisation, further apart than when they started. The energy required to forcibly hold unwilling nations together is directly proportional to how much cleaning up will be required at the end. After all, it was only an environment of post-traumatic shock from global war that coerced nations into delusions of utopia, our leaders having forgotten that you should never make hasty decisions after an argument.

Collapse is inevitable. The instability lies within the countries themselves. Democratic power is a tepid endorsement and no one enjoys watching it usurped behind closed doors. Western countries like Australia operate on the premise that citizens have power over the laws that govern them. This expectation forms the foundation of parliament. Politicians are the elected tools by which these laws are decided and the courts – the chisels setting them in stone. If laws become unjust, citizens elect new politicians to edit or destroy them. This back and forward motion breathes steadily inside the ribcage of a functioning civilisation. We are autonomous, self-correcting and evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

Lord Jonathan Sumption, a former justice of the UK’s Supreme Court, describes the expansion of treaty into sovereignty as, ‘law’s expanding empire’ where international courts have made a habit of replacing our custom and convention with their unwelcome opinion. His argument continues that this new type of law has become invasive rather than protective – that it meddles in social matters and caresses the exposed neck of liberty.

However undesirable, enforcing unpopular law is easier than chasing the coveted notion of ‘world peace’. There are different types of peace – free, forced and indifferent. Tyrannies represent a failure of freedom in favour of perceived calm and are exceedingly difficult to escape. When power is assumed instead of given, the people find themselves super-glued to subservience. Communism, Socialism, Theocracies – these are all types of government that rule in their own interest. Democracies sit on the vulnerable fringes because they afford people the choice to downgrade to slavery at the ballot box.

In addition to being a doomed failure of concept, the United Nations and its accompaniment of treaties represent a perversion of peace. It is a faux democracy of nations, more than half of whom practice despotism at home, attempting to control the squabbles of sparrows with vague threats of sanction. This is an ignorance of reality. Powerful countries always have the means to wage war and small countries always fear annihilation. Real power comes from a nation’s threat of violence while unshakable alliances are built on the personal relationships of their people, not treaties destined for the shredder.

Countries inevitably outgrow the reach of global diplomacy and anyone cuffed to a chair at the United Nations is forced to watch potential conflict brew while having genuine fears vetoed by rising powers. Australia is caught in the mess, unable to form meaningful alliances while also the focus of petty geopolitical vengeance. Despite what leaders preach, there is nothing noble about surrendering your country to the whim of its neighbours. Certainly nothing virtuous.

If we want to survive the century with our identity intact, we should peck at the locks and make a break for freedom before this overpriced globalist theatre collapses under the weight of its echoes. There are no refunds on offer and our friends are outside hailing cabs.

As for peace, you won’t find it here.


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A round of applause please.

Aw come on, you have to admit that Germany had a pretty good crack at world domination – and not for the first, second or even third time.

Sure, I’ll concede that she’s been keeping it on the quiet like a shameful affair and that the details were shuffled under a few billion tonnes of messy United Nations compacts. Absolutely it was dusted with handshaking pleasantries before the coherency-catastrophe was wrapped up with a virtuous, bright green bow. In fairness the whole venture was nearly squashed beneath the collective weight of competing egos as they jostled for bureaucratic paper crowns. It was only a couple of accidental causalities later with blood staining the balance sheet that one could confidently say that there was a definite pass made toward a totalitarian global regime.

The European Union has been busy shedding its pacifist skin in the last few years. Whatever racy negligée it previously used to lure ailing states into the fold, it has now shattered the romantic façade and waded into the brawl with fists raised. National Sovereignty, aye? No – that’s no longer a thing. We prefer the ‘Vassal State’ pronoun these days. No – that’s not optional. Freedom is hate speech.

So, this hot mess of a modus operandi was rolled out and presented to the world amidst a crusade of love against the forces of darkness. Stay with me. As it turns out, it is possible to sell ruthless dictatorships on the coattails of peace.

‘There lurk,’ went the uninspired narrative of the Globalists, ‘dark waters ahead. Literally. Rising tides. Hell-fire and brimstone. Global catastrophe…’ It’s all a bit ‘Noah’s ark 2.0’ for those who still subscribe to a world that begins and ends at the nearest café. Does it have any roots feeling out the edges of reality? Hardly – but that’s not usually a requirement for a policy splicing DNA with a Hollywood script.

But a spade is a spade is a bloody spade…

…and this one is digging a hole right through the crust of the Earth’s fragile peace.

Usually more up front about their warmongering schemes, Angela Merkel & Co actually managed to lay a few hefty foundation stones along with a bit of the scaffolding for the palace long before seeking council approval. Heck, her friends in France were busy selling lots off the plan when the roof finally fell in and dampened the mood with a dash of popular revolt. There’s a reason the French set fire to the streets of Paris every weekend and threaten to dust off a guillotine and it doesn’t have much to do with bold, colour-blocking fashion choices.

To be fair, it really is our fault for not noticing the chess pieces moving around us sooner.

The parties involved did not put a great deal of effort into hiding their nefarious intentions – brazenly publishing most of the schematics alongside press releases that might as well have read, ‘World Domination – Part I Subsection VII’ for all the shoddy window dressing. Indeed, let’s have a look at what they got up to while the rest of us working our guts out in the real world were singing Kumbaya to the slightly drunk climate gods.

Firstly, if your goal is to create a Global Rule you need to warm everyone up to the idea of a united Earth.

This is one of those fuzzy concepts that sound innocuous at a glance on a highway billboard but has a sinister undercurrent sucking freedom out with the tide like a rip. There’s a very dark reason two generations of our fellow citizens suffered through a schooling indoctrination campaign waged on children by outcasts of the last failed Communist remainers. Taking a leaf from their successful manifesto, to steal the future you corrupt the children and so that is exactly what they did. They poisoned the young against the very concept of their nation – erased our great histories and figures but perhaps most shamefully, taught our children to spurn the freedoms their ancestors died for. For lack of a better description, it is ‘rational nihilism’.

Saddled with imagined guilt, crippled by fantasy victim-hood and robbed of the necessary reasoning skills needed to spot a charlatan, these children plunged into the vacuous world of hashtag-politics. After that, all the puppeteers needed was time – time for those children to grow up, filter through the second training camp of university and have enough birthdays to reach voting age.

There you have it – majority rule with interest from idiots.

By this point it doesn’t matter that the Globalists arguments have about as much depth as a mirage or the structural integrity of a pop-up book. All that’s needed are a few party tricks to sell the lie and a bit of duct tape to keep the contrarians from asking pointed questions. Wondering why censorship has come back into favour? It is the favourite craft of all theologies.

Cults are dangerous, particularly death cults.

If you don’t think Globalism meets that criteria, ask yourself why their chief pillar is Climate Change and their dogma is the immediate but flexible apocalypse. Come on kids, this is an old trick in new wrapping. Oh ye faithful – repent for the sins of your birth – the colour of your skin, the actions of your forefathers and your imagined privilege. You can buy your way out of this purgatory by subscribing to these virtuous mantras and donating to the temple of Climate Alarmism…

So far we have a flock of sheep, a dangerous idea and a pit of brimstone generating revenue.

What else would be handy? A bank, laws and courts beholden to no one, undemocratic jailers and a few useful idiots wouldn’t go astray…

The World Bank is like the anti-virus software no one asked for. It arrives infested on the motherboard, operating unnoticed in the background until you try and do something important and realise that your entire life is beholden to a programme you never approved of. Not only are its credentials notoriously shonky, the World Bank’s arms have taken root in the festering economies of failed nation states and dictator-run dystopias. Despite internal audits coming up with a few alarming corruption scandals it continues to house the syphoned billions from the West’s delusional ‘Climate Funds’.

Enter the United Nations Court of Justice dreamt up to keep an eye on the school yard antics of nation states. With Somalia as its president and China the acting Vice, good luck extracting anything resembling justice and yet paradoxically is also ultimately a frivolous endeavour. Like most social justice drenched travesties, everyone has spent so much time appeasing each other’s feelings that the court itself is left with no real power to dish out or enforce its rulings in the off chance that they manage to agree on anything. At the end of the day it is an expensive waste of money that buys little more than a teacher with their back turned – and that is being generous.

The CJEU – or, ‘Court of Justice of the European Union’ has a little more gusto but barely. Although it enjoys lauding its gonads with excessive buildings erected in its honour and eye-watering public servant payrolls European Law is essentially a gentleman’s agreement that asserts the right to override sovereign law but whose decisions are so mad – even by European standards – that most of the time they’re politely told to take a hike and mind their own business. As with most entities in the EU you get twice the cost, half the value with the monster separated into the Court of Justice and the General Court – both of which are so bloated under middling bureaucracy that they’re in danger of floating off like a lost weather balloon.

The supremacy (sometimes politely referred to as ‘primacy’) of European Law has the gall to railroad laws created by the citizens of those allegedly independent countries who are a bit blind-sighted by what started as a trade agreement morphing into a totalitarian regime. It’s no surprise that when the courts rekindle something pre-Bronze Age like blasphemy laws, civilised nations enter open defiance. Citizens of these great nations, who were largely unaware of the extent to which their civil power had been eroded, are starting to raise a few vocal objections in the form of referenda and protests.

However in principle – we have the framework of a global legal system.

The crucial feature of this Globalist ‘parliament’ is the lack of democratic election. Between the UN and the EU, representatives are by in large selected by bureaucrats and operate behind closed doors answerable to no one unlike the open parliamentary systems that countries went to great care to construct after learning some hard lessons from unscrupulous leaders. Without a popular vote tugging on the choker chain of tyranny, a veritable brush of self-interested career demi-gods tussle for power, anointing each other in echo chambers free from criticism.

There was a good chance that this carefully laid plan might have succeeded – at least for the European continent – if it had not been for the historical bastion of freedom lofting an eyebrow of scrutiny early on.

It’s not that the United Kingdom doesn’t trust Germany and France with the reins of power – it’s that they absolutely don’t trust Germany or France with the reins of power.

With the last – shall we say – disagreement still very much in the memory of the people, some of the ridiculous regulations being exacted upon them drew a curious eye. That curious eye widened when it discovered that, on the quiet, their politicians had lashed them to a nightmare resurrection of everything the British people fought to free themselves of in the first place.

Naturally irritated, the UK told their politicians to do their job and give the EU the flick. Other countries that had been weighing up their options revisited their exit strategies and suddenly, like an overstretched elastic band, the whole thing snapped. It became clear that the leaders of the EU were prepared to ransom, blackmail and threaten the UK while engaging in open intimidation of member states. Some of its revered leaders like President of the ALDE Group Guy Verhofstadt went slightly off the peace message when shouting, “…and that is the real problem, colleagues – why there is such a problem in this crisis – because member states are reluctant to transfer new sovereignty and powers to the European Union and we all know that the only way out of this crisis is a new transfer of powers to the European Union and to the European institutions.”

…Sure, Sparky. Countries that fought and died for thousands of years to earn their freedom are totally going to hand it over to a raging lunatic for – well – no reason. Verhofstadt is a shouty, miniature version of the worst political dregs that the European Union was designed to prevent. They’re now full swing into censorship laws to make sure any discontent is smothered by a few thick content filters. Nothing to see here… Except perhaps the smoke rising from the capital cities of several ‘peaceful’ states.

If you’re not caught up in the toxic swamps of the European Union where nations like Germany still think it’s okay to threaten Poland, never fear because you always have the United Nations and their sprawling library of anti-democratic compacts and treaties to tear apart your domestic law. Their main goal is the redistribution of global wealth and people so – as US President Donald Trump worked out in the first five seconds of hearing the marketing pitch – it’s a pretty bad idea for Western democracies. A hard pass.

Scott Morrison swiped-right on the Paris Agreement, which is sort of like agreeing to bankruptcy but not the firing squad… Thanks, bro. (Sarcasm).

In summary, what this sage swamp of detestable players amounts to is a money-making, power-building pyramid scam benefiting the elite at the expense of the poor. It was an attempt to re-establish control for the select few which had been eroded by centuries of democrat reform by our brave ancestors and it very nearly worked. If it hadn’t been for BREXIT it’s entirely possible the choke hold over democracy might have been too tight.

Ultimately, who do we have to thank for BREXIT cracking the veneer? That’d be our Globalist mastermind Angela Merkel and her colossal error. Inviting the third world to invade Europe pretty much destroyed the lies of a multicultural, globalist utopia which the United Nations were doing their best to sell. No orator in the world, however brilliant, can override lived experience. No conman can sell salt water to a sailor. Merkel made the mistake of allowing Europe a glimpse of their future and – like peeking through the gates of Hell – her people revolted. Doors slammed on all sides and the weakest members of the Globalist pack have found themselves dragged towards worrying scaffolds.

In here, somewhere, there is a twin lesson.

You cannot enslave free people without showing your hand because they can feel the chains before the lock is secured.

World domination has never and will never succeed – even with the best laid plans. Humans are tribal. It takes either extreme force or a tide of good will to maintain control and you can never have enough of either to sustain global dominance.

It’s just not, ‘a thing’ guys…

Give it up before you’re three inches deep in black plastic with a breathing apparatus and cape fastened to your shoulders.