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Australian Federal Parliament now has two ministers for women – one for each side of the chest.

The appointment of Amanda Stoker to Assistant Minister for Women has been seen as a positive step by conservatives in the fight to defend the Liberal government’s reputation regarding the #metoo saga. While it is true that it has been an embarrassing month for the Morrison government, there is no evidence that there is a ‘woman problem’ inside the party.

As so often happens when you have a politically motivated press who look one way with a microscope and the other with a blindfold, the Liberal Party has been painted as a debauched cesspit where women cling to each other in terror of their male colleagues.

Any sensible person can see that this is a manufactured portrait. Many of the recent screw-ups can be traced straight back to the failure of senior women in parliament, or linked to unrelated filthy politics played out by a group of homosexual staffers allegedly attempting to intimidate ministers (regardless of gender) over the same sex marriage plebiscite. It was even a female security guard who signed a drunk Ms Higgins into Parliament House at 1:50am instead of turning the pair away from what should be the most secure and professional building in the nation.

Amanda Stoker is a hated figure to the left.

They despise Stoker because unlike the sea of quota women inside the Labor Party placed there by a decade long social experiment based on tits rather than merit, Stoker is immensely talented. She has played the political game the hard way and achieved her previous positions purely on the force of her qualifications. To the casual viewer of politics, what could possibly go wrong with using Stoker as a PR bandaid?


As people keep warning politicians, you can never placate the left when it comes to identity politics. No matter what Scott Morrison does, the professional activists will find a way to complain. Gender quotas and the random appointment of women to senior positions while the bright lights of the press are shining in Morrison’s eyes only serves to make his party look superficial.

In Stoker’s case, the left have used the recent Australian of the Year Grace Tame (now a pseudo political figure) to attack a woman in politics for daring to represent women from a conservative standpoint. Their arguments against Stoker are listed as ‘gendered’ but when you read the transcripts of their screeching, they are actually split straight down the political divide between conservative and radical left politics.

This political scrum has nothing to do with women in politics and everything to do with the assassination of the conservative party in the lead up to the Federal election.

In the great contradiction of identity politics, being a woman is not enough of a qualification for a quota position, you have to be the ‘right’ sort of woman. In the mind of the left, this means a woman that parrots the Marxist hashtags without a single independent thought. This is why most of the noise in the press surrounding Stoker’s suitability centres on her attack of university kangaroo courts condemning male students on the basis of rumour.

It would be easy to sit here and criticise the institutionalised sexism of a political system where the Federal government has a Minister for Women and not a Minister for Men. We could question why there aren’t ministers for the hundreds of other genders that have been thrown into the social mix. Do these gendered ministers represent the percentage of the population who are biologically that gender, or the ones that identify as the gender? Would Morrison get extra virtue points if he appointed a transgender man as the new Minister for Women?

All of it is a distraction.

The really interesting story is what the factional left inside the Liberal Party – the wets and the LINOs – have actually done while we were all busy squabbling.

By appointing Amanda Stoker to a highly politicised gendered role at the height of the metoo saga, they have trashed her conservative qualifications. The position was the female equivalent of a ‘honey trap’ – a temptation that feels good at the start, but later turns to career poison when it matters the most. Politicians have no self control when it comes to accepting titles. Morrison dangled this ministry in front of Stoker, knowing that either vanity or loyalty to the party would entice her to accept.

In doing so, Morrison has softly converted a blue ribbon conservative into the Marxist fold – slowly getting rid of the last true opposition to toxic identity politics. No matter what Amanda achieves or says in her future career, she will always be tied to the rise of gender quotas inside the Liberals. If Stoker were a man, she would never have been given this position and therein lies the problem.

This is not a reward for an aspiring conservative woman, it is a curse.

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