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We are in the middle of an historic struggle for America’s future, America’s culture, and America’s institutions – borders and most cherished principles. Our security, our prosperity, and our very identity as Americans is at stake like, perhaps, at no other time. So, no matter how much the Washington establishment of the powerful special interests may want to silence us, let there be no doubt that we will be victorious and America will be stronger and greater than ever before.” – Donald Trump, CPAC 2021

After a few months of a Biden presidency, it is easy to forget what coherency looks like. Love him or loathe him, at least Trump speaks in complete sentences without stuttering his way through an earpiece relay.

Biden began his presidency with the constant attendance of minders, ushering him from podium to padded cell in case, heaven forbid, he speak his mind. The last time that happened, Biden rambled about children stroking the hairs on his leg in one of the creepiest glimpses of a man well into mental collapse.

He has the appearance of a computer generated newsreader, downloaded by an old dial-up modem, jittering through his script like an IKEA manual written in broken English that has been walked through Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, and Swedish before being dragged through the remnants of Hunter’s crack pipe and delivered with a few screws missing.


Biden is the first president in American history glad of his puppet strings, because he knows that they are the only things holding him upright. It must infuriate China who, having spent decades securing leverage over Biden and his family, now find themselves unable to properly use their influence on a man with no idea which decade this is. He would probably thank the ominous voice on the other end of the phone for filling in the blanks.

Yet Biden said just a few days ago, that when he got here (meaning the White House), there was no vaccine. He said, ‘there’s no vaccine…’ Oh. Good. Say it again, Joe. Now, I don’t think he said that, frankly, in a malicious way. I really don’t. I actually believe that he said that because he really doesn’t know what the hell was happening.” – Trump CPAC 2021

The slip from Biden regarding the arrival date of the Covid vaccine was part of a sustained argument. Snopes fact-checking raced to the rescue, claiming:

It appears that Biden simply misspoke, however, given that he had acknowledged just minutes before that 50 million doses were available when he took office.’

The fat-positive white elephant crushing everyone in the room is Biden’s inconsistency. But don’t worry, Snopes concludes:

Given the totality of his remarks on the subject during the town hall, it is false to claim that Biden said there was no vaccine at all at the beginning of his term in office.’

In summary, according to Snopes, it is not true that Biden said what he said because he did not mean to say it… This is how ‘fact-checking’ is used by the press to change the facts. Sometimes they are manipulated, and sometimes they are erased from the record entirely. Outfits like Snopes are performing the role of Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, amending the public record when reality contradicts the approved narrative.

Politics has become an absurdity – a theatre production put on to entertain the plebs while the powerful make deals in the darkness. Voting is reduced to a formality with a predetermined outcome, as it is in the despot dictatorships that Americans once laughed at. How could the heart of the free world fall? Like this. Via agreement between the bureaucracy and the state.

Politicians were once referred to as creatures of vanity and ambition. Today, they have been reduced to cardboard replicas presenting with hashtags in place of policy. They are, with few exceptions, a façade for the collectivist movement.

Beneath this flimsy ply-board sits a festering bureaucracy. It is the real virus, spreading into every part of life, from birth to death, softening people up to the notion of life wasted behind the safety of their cage bars. The destruction of America’s civil politics in favour of the consensus of unelected public servants is a gradual decline – imperceptible in the decades prior to Trump. He hit the American people with a bucket of water, alerting them to their fate stewing in the pressure cooker.

Whether it is Biden telling himself to ‘salute the marines’ as he approaches, or the end of in-person rallies where the public are kept behind the camera, separated from a leader who can barely read the auto-queue – America has crossed the threshold into an augmented world where information is filtered before being disseminated. We don’t know what’s true anymore because truth has become nothing more than the opinion of the state-sanctioned mob.

In 2021, we know more about the kidnapping of Lady Gaga’s dogs than we do of Hunter Biden’s laptop. The international criminal activities of the president’s son are erased from the record by the same social media oligarchs who deleted the free press.

The message is clear.

The elite are untouchable and their crimes never happened. As for the man fighting for the preservation of the American republic? He is under attack from the same bureaucracy currently ruling via a hailstorm of executive orders that has left the nation in ruins and as impotent as a field of smashed solar panels.

Trump is not going to start a new party. He believes in the American dream. He believes in America and its survival in a world full of rising authoritarians and corporate oligarchies.

The flame of freedom is flickering as the gale of collectivism sweeps in from the East. Liberty is strong, but the closed fist of socialism will break its nose if given the chance.

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